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A Very Corrupt Plymouth System

Sorry to tell Plymouth creatives this.In 2015 I was challenging legal corruption and cover ups in Plymouth. I refused to go along with what some people where trying to get me to do. As one person I could not really go to Court to challenge the behavior of Solicitor Alan Harris. Refusing to do so meant that years of work went over night literally, with in 2015 well over 4000 subscribers on over 1000 videos. I had just come back from Lisbon to extend on the Body of work. Si it was soul destroying. Plus I had cached in my service pension to plow i to my work . Since then I have had to re make all those videos, plus the new ones, so working constantly flat out, and producing new videos and taking thousands of photos for world Wide publishing, mistake in text and quality has been effected. So over those years I lost a lot of potential adverting revenue. And its only in February this year that I managed to get revenue back. But with then just over 1000 subscribers it is still very low. Also there was a pattern of trolls effecting my videos that could only have come from a central point in Plymouth, So its been extremely hard work and on going. So Brexit for creatives no thank you. When people in power hiding there behavior in the City can all ready do this to people. It would be a disaster for creatives in the City.. My work is a valuable look at Diversity and life over 26 years And as people I have worked with know. I stay on the outside looking in and don.t get involved with other peoples views and politics. And try not to be judgmental towards anyone unless they are a threat to the well being of others, which is why I was challenging the system in Plymouth, and still will do until they get there house in order before harassing others? If I did not challenge these issues I would be a wealthy man by now, So it has held me back? So the last few years has cost me thousands of pounds. Re making the old videos, From Robert Lenkiewicz, and Plymouth arts, to music and pride.. Very Valuable indeed.