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Friend and share Chris Summerfield Culture and lifestyle International. Tell your Friends. Its A Lifestyle Thing. Chris Summerfield HD TV Intentional. I have been recording peoples lives for over 30 years as a free service, and self financing.. looking at a cross section of lifestyles. I did this so that I could keep out of the commercial side of photography and film making and away from other peoples Politics and a genders. I have seen the bigger picture socially across Europe, recording thousands of faces thanks. Always trying to look at the bright side of life in a world where everyone is being pit down in the news, press, and politics. Brexit has shown how dysfunctional the people are that try and lay the ground rules on to the people. Life is about leading by example,in the new world of information. Remembering that YouTube and FACEBOOK Is still only 14 years old YouTube was established in February 2005 A lot has happened in technology since then to change the World like never before. Giving the people more power of Information. I have been recording lives constantly since then, with a wealth of life experience behind me, from being in the Royal Air force for 12 years, during that time having the privilege of being Full time Mountain rescue in a very exclusive club indeed. Then working for three years in Belgium as a VIP Driver for 3 years. Where I started to question politics and the way people do things I was called the thinker as I kept quiet but was learning about the way the system works. The United or not so Unite Kingdom has ways of holding back individuals who a free thinkers, I have come across this time and again as Politics has been brought in to my work. Even though it is not Political. My work is now a valuable record of a cross section of Life and art, music covering nearly 3 decades in this fast moving world we are in.Just a bit beyond 1000 miles and hour ha ha ha. I need subscribers, Proctors, Galleries,Exhibitors, and publishers now at an International level for my projects. Possibly more magazines. And new projects to cover Internationally in 2019 nearly 2020. If you can help a small donation to paypal would be a great help.You can contact me there also, and I thank you all for letting me be a part of your lives for that fraction of a second always being on the outside looking in with out getting involved.