Populations across the world are more transient than ever before. If you bomb innocent people in one Country, The chances are that they have relatives in yours. If it was your family or friends that where being hit,. You would be angry and want revenge. It then creates a  situation out of control as everyone fights each other. We are seeing that now. It would be arrogance and ignorance to think otherwise.  We are supposed to be in a civilised world with value to life. No one has the right to take the life of another Hu+Man  International

Not on my watch?

being or create misery for another person. No matter who they are. Who gives the right of a person to take away the life of another, or there well being. Effectively playing god over them. We are not in Roman times with Emperors who dictate and manipulate. So lets be rational and civilised. To wrongs don’t make a right. Leading by example does?


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