No More Wars. Poem. Lips That Speak A Thousand Words?

Lips that speak a thousand words
Lips that speak a thousand words,
And also kiss a lover,
Send young men to fight for causes,
And kill there fellow brother,
Fight for peace,
And fight for freedom,
Then lets fight one another,
Whilst poliomyelitis drink gin ans whisky,
Then go and kiss a love,
Send young to fight for cause,
And and kill there fellow brother,
Then tell them that they are Hero’s for serving a cause,

Where is my gin, Hick Hick. And Where are my millions of pound for serving my Country and doing a service to the world,
By sending young men out,
To Die for a causes,
As I drank gin and whisky,
And then kissed a lover,
Then sent young men to die for causes,
For one point history another.