Gay Pride London. A Photo History Of Gay Pride

For over 7 years with gaps in between I covered Gay Pride London. Then un- like most of the others it became massively over governed and clinical. Taking away freedom of expression. When I went and was told that I needed a press pass in order to just get in to the procession with Boris Johnson, that was the time for me to move on and cover better events?

We are told that the UK is the land of the free. Its over regulated and stifling freedom of expression and sometimes speach. Chris Summerfield 2016


Assignments Costa Da Caparica Portugal. Gallant Fishermen

I was walking along the beach and going back in time as I came across the local fishermen bringing in the catch, Like generations of people before them. The Atlantic currents are dangerĀ in flat bottom boats. So there is always a risk of from capsize and tangled nets