It looks as though Government breaks the laws that it lays down on to others. The Police do, and tax office bends the rules. So are laws now out of control. If people in power can not play by the same rules ass they tell others to play by  then those rules are worthless in them selves. Cover ups and sleaze.To the extreme.

Old politics and old laws are past there sell by date. miss information and twisting in formation to keep the naive under control is also out of date.

We are in a new world. Film has only been invented 150 years ago,  Photography, just over 120, Social networking 11 years.

The police for was set up under an old system of lack of information to the public using these very rules. A new openness is coming to society and the world in the new tech, world and its unstoppable so they need to stop being ignorant to the people who have just if not more intelligence than the people who control.( If given the chance) And have more to offer to society and the future of society than those who are blinkerd by old. Its a new Hu+Man Environment we are in


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