A Book in the Pipe Line. A System in Deceit and Cover Ups

He was a solicitor. A man of status upholding the law.

You are supposed to look up to and believe that they are above board when you hire them. A run in with the law lead me to a trail of Deceit and cover ups that is almost beyond belief. Not fantasy but fact.

The Solicitor came to my house one night . whilst on my case , which in its self was a farce of corruption. He tried to hug me and dropped his trousers. I was confused. My life was in his hands, So i went along with it. I then changed solicitor . I was threatened by this mans behavior. I tried to tell my new solicitor, but he just pretended not to hear. I was in a vulnerable state. And no on me would believe me I Was me making allegations at the establishment. Which legally is above board. I went out of my way after that to keep and eye on the solicitor. He went to the police station took on ceases then, would go to public toilets looking for sex and rent boys. I presume that he is still trying to also have sex with his clients when they are in vulnerable situations. It!s A legal system that is so corrupt that its farcical.

How can a man who is sexually abusing or has been for years. Be in control of peoples lives, and criminalize them at will. He has hidden a genders behind his views in court, And it makes a mockery of the entire legal and justice system.

I was told last weekend that a boy who was drunk and went streaking in the City was put on the sex offenders register in Plymouth.

Whilst magistrates and the police in the City are covering up for solicitors the fact that this lad was charged at all was a joke to the public and pure hypocrisy playing on the innocence and naivety of the person involved as well as the public in the City.

How can you have criminal record check beauros and a sex offenders rtegister when the people who are applying the law are the worst culpprits. Its a City in legal crises. At the expense of the lives of the people. A legal con basically. There needs to be a public and out side inquiry following up the one that is presently on going in the City. The longer they hide the truth the more the damage and the bigger the compensation pay out will be for years of damage for the well being of clients, going back at least 20 years

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For over 30 years I have been recording in Photography and video. Culture and lifestyle and seeing the differences in all areas of the world and Europe. We are led to believe that we are free but we are not.
What I have learned though is that society in most areas of the world is ahead and more open than the papers, News, Politics and law makes us out to be. At the moment its creating confusion. And in some ways that’s what is wanted by them, it sell news and keeps a form of control based on old fashioned double standards.
We are all human and deviate from each other in one way or another. We are all Hu=man and have the right to get on with our lives free from stress and harassment. It what makes us who we are and its all part of our intellect, . We all very from or genetic back grounds social conditioning, And what we learn in life, to religion, politics etc. We are in new times. any one of us could be right in what we think and do. If it’s done in our own form of rational thinking. Every brain is organic and every loving persons form of reality is different to everyone else s. A for of chaos with a middle ground of stability.
no one has the right of control over anyone else. It’s about life its about being Hu+Man
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5 replies on “A Book in the Pipe Line. A System in Deceit and Cover Ups”

I have taken lots of pictures of people over many years and stayed within the rules. I am very angry with a legal System that has blatantly been above and beyond the laws that they tell others to abide by.
It stifles freedom and expression in creativity. In a world that is socially moving more open , quicker than ever in the history of being Hu+Man. The old system of miss information and twisting in formation to keep people under control by a different set of rules than those in power. Is no longer acceptable Corruption in the legal system will catch up with the culprits. Very soon


Two years ago I confronted the Solicitor in Union Street Plymouth with a video camera. I posted the video on Line. The police then kept Harassing me with phone calls until I took the video down. I hate doing things like that. All my photography and Video work is about looking at the best in people. We have enough with the press and News media looking for the worst. But in this case as no one else is doing anything, and in fact going out of there way to cover up for this monster of a man. I felt that it had to be done. I have never in my life seen anywhere run on such double standards of behavior and then using the local press to damage the lives of Plymouth people. Its a total con


When I recorded the solicitor two years ago. Why did he not take action against me. Id it because of what would happen if the truth came out or is he making me out to be a liar and there for not worth answering to. The story of Zen coming soon


There years ago a man out of the lagal system was walking around with a sign outing a solicitor in Plymouth. He did not use the name of that solicitor, but did say that he was being covered up for. The police had Zen arrested for potentially stealing the cardboard that he had written his sign on. In order to get Zen of the streets. Zen then stood out side the magistrates courts in Plymouth using anagrams on the solicitor. The staff of the solicitor took him to court and charged with preventing them from doing there job. Very corrupt and possibly perjury in the process.
In fact its that corrupt it become s surreal which is why they have got away with it for so long. No one would believe it?


Zen was telling the truth about the Solicitor. But the legal team in the City had it put about that Zen was a schizophrenic and was not reliable. Even if he is or was, he is telling the truth from what he knows. So More techniques to silence the man.
Having seen the solicitor looking though cubicle hoes in public toilets in Plymouth. And in other locations that you would not expect an up holder of the law to be in I know fully well. That thge public are being conned in Plymouth


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