I was young and just wanted friends. Had lots of feeling but no one to share them with. I had won in my group in the South Cheshire music festival, singing the Galant Fishermen. A Solo part for soprano.

All my early life I was something for other people, in later life it reflects on how I work and treat others. I try to understand people for who they are, not trying to be bias in anyway or get in the way of them questioning who they are.

Its not always easy.

It means also that I have been aware and seen situations that others have not. I am still sensitive and still care for the well being of others, even though I have at times been miss treated in the process. From what I have seen , Quite often those in power are the worst culprits using power to cover up there ill treatment of others.projects042 copy

In a world where everyone thinks that they know better on how other people should lead there lives. Quite often based on hypocrisy

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