Across The Pond but a world apart. I Love Paris

The UK!s view on nudity and sex is behind a lot of areas in Europe. It also creates double standards of behavior by the powers that be who behave as they like. Whilst the rest of us have to abide by different rules.

It is an un health attitude to nudity and sex that is stuck in the past. Things will have to change for the better, as people take control of there own lives and not being dictated to. especially with the new media. Sex and nudity is the most basic desires of any animal and easy to puck up on of people deviate. Those more likely to in anycase are those in power using laws to hide and cover up for them selves. A more open attitude creates a more even balance where people can be helped when they need it.

Any form of use of another person for own gain is bad but consensual. Is non dictatorial and self choice. I have seen those in power abuse others for there own gain in a position of power over others. So know what I am talking about. I have also seen people from all walks of the legal system in situations that they criminalise other for. This is a false sense of control, At the expense of knave and more vulnerable, vulnerable being people who are innocent to the behaviour of those in power who are laying the rules down on to other. Things have got to open up, and now not later. I have said that a lot of people have more to offer and change the world for the better that the people at the moment who criminalise them for being who they are. An open Attitude to nudity and sex brings things to the open  and people can get advise and help when they need it. At the moment sex has become a money making machine for the legal system I am talking about who are just as likely if not mores so to behave worse than those that they criminalise. It also stops bullying on line as people admire each other rather than send abusive messages, But when those in power are verbally abusive to them selves in the media in public its a very bad example on how to set standards to others. Also sending out false  messages to confuse the population and the public in social network sites will go a long way to break down the structure of power and society before to longs. UK 2016 stop living in the past, be more transparent and open to creativity beauty and out very being. Be more Hu+Man As we all are?16 - 1 copy