Whilst the legal system and politics in the UK make vindictive and abusive attitudes the norm in the UK. Is it hardly surprising that youth is breaking down. Isaid a long time ago life is about leading by example treat others how you would expect to be traded your self. The UK at the moment is a society where everyone is on the defense, not relaxed in anyway at all.
I am nor religous but you have to have values for respect and the dignity of others. I think that when Cameron talks about holding on to Christian values that the UK political system is still living years in the past. Science hold new answers to what we are about, and what everything else is about. so old laws and politics must come of age and evolve. Be more sensitive to the needs of the peopke who are slavex to employment to produce money to create a regime. As more people are being forced to work harder for very littel money and zero hour contracts. battery hens for the system productivity has slowed down in the process. So more hours, a lack of respect, has effectivey created and employment burn out. Where people are not happy and just following the system


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