The Meaning of Life, For the Gay Pride Plymouth Facebook Group

Now that I have time to chat. A few years ago I was handed this web site to admin. My work is about the bigger picture outside Plymouth, showing it as an example. It shows in the pictures and videos. Traveling Europe especial shows that the UK is behind in some areas like Spain. Spain has re invented it!s self to be possibly the most Bohemian place to go to in Europe from Gran Canaria to Sitges and Barcelona. People are a lot happier and in general happier for it and a lot of Brits have settled there for a better life away from the stress and anxieties thrown upon us in the UK. For people who have a go at me on this site for not putting up information on Plymouth. Then you can just as easy put a constructive input in. I do a lot of traveling and my time is limited and besides I also limit my internet axes to just a few hours a day. Some that I can record lives in the real world or that around us. Its a great adventure in the process and I learn a lot. Throw away the papers and turn of the UK news they are out of touch and create fear whilst Society is a lot more open and would be happier than they try to make it in both Europe and the UK. Fear and scare mongering is just away of playing on peoples emotions in order to sell the press and news products. In Britain everything is just about turning people in to production machines for a dysfunctional legal and political system I have mentioned this before and it has proved right. Well being and happiness and quality of life has very little to do with it. From what I have seen in some areas of Europe like Spain its the other way around. Poorer perhaps but emotionally better. e only have one chance of life, how you use it is up to you. Trying to put your in out in to the History of life is possibly just as important Its the meaning of life?