I was Born In Cheshire And Was Made In The RAF

I was born in Cheshire. And was made in the RAF.( Thanks RAF) VIP Driving in Belgium, 4 star generals showed me that they are in a world of there own,


playing chess with peoples lives., Plymouth showed me the extreme double standards, in the press, politics, and legal system in the City, at the expense of the people

at the expense of the people. And a lot of people now. Thanks Plymouth for that. I was born in Cheshire, And was made in the RAF. Thanks for that


It!s A Crazy World We Live In

Anyone in the world can find faults with another Hu+Man  being If we did not have them. We would all be robots?

An open society is a healthy one , a closed one run on double standards and sleaze UK 2017?


Far to many people are criminalized and imprisoned across the world and UK,  by people who have far less to offer society and progression of society than the people who incarcerate them.  And what do you know about their backgrounds?


It!s people close to edge that change things. After all who gets remembered? ( Nelson Mandela)

Understanding the mentality of the west these guys got out of control and had to be removed for the interest of the west.

Fact every dictator from Hitler, Bin Laden and Amin, And many more where put in power by the west for regime change.


Understanding the mentality of the west these guys got out of control and had to be removed for the interest of the west.

How many lives has this cost from Hero!s put on the line for politics. There is no sense in wars, Only expensive non sense.


Wars have quite often been a distraction from turmoil in our own Countries to bring people together in comradery, for a while, until it happens again.

Politicians Drink Gin and Whisky whilst young men die for history

If a healthy body is a healthy mind, I think that Farage is a leading example


There is always a gay erotic value to institutions, Public School’s  full of one sex, Armed Services, Police. It’s the closest you can ever get to another man , And have something in common, without having sex. Homophobia is a denial of their own feelings.( Mr Trump)


The world is full of double standards, Its who you are in with that counts

When I was in the RAF the young pretty lads, would take the Mickey out of officers (seriously). The officer would think that they were good for moral and had a sense of hummer  and promote them


Those in  Power used to have an expendability factor on Hu+Man  Life.  Effectively playing god. In war situations. Do they still have that, and is it acceptable in today’s world of an interconnecting family, and indeed was it ever acceptable


Two Sides to Every Story By Chris Summerfieldu

Two Sides To Every Story

There are two sides to every story,

Double standards  to excess,

To sell the gutter press.

Headlining human failings,

But what do we know of them,

The Journalists  behind the stories,

Anyone can guess.

Taking Coke with Celebs.

Or sex with the best.

Top Less girls on pages three at 16 in the 70s

only partly dressed.

UK papers owned by foreign Porn Barron’s

A law unto them selves.,

As they drink them selves to death,

What goes on behind there doors,

They Make The world so, confusing,and such a mess.

25th Nov 2012

Chris Summerfield


Its a Strange world?

UK  Trash Press and news. The Week that football coaches were outed as being sexual predators. The last Day highlighted far more UK Police officers. The next day the entire subject disappeared?

Early in  2002 Sixteen paper was delivered across Plymouth Venues as a free paper. Regularly.

All Boy Magazine used to be on  Sale in Plymouth. It was an American Magazine. The Internet formed its end as everything is now on line.

I have been keepi9ng an eye on what goes on in photo and TV Media for many years. And stay within the rules of the time. But its crazy as well as being hypocritical at the moment.

Until three years ago I was taking my photography on Film. I was given my first Digital Nikon by a friend who was dying from Cancer Chris Hollwell Auther He wrote a book on the Cornish Titanic.


Before digital Photography . When photos had to go through labs. There was a form of Censorship. As labs where obliged to inform the Police if anything deemed Risky

That Changed with the instant upload of digital photography and igt could be seen to do so from the start

To be frank any idiot would have realised that. But there is very little intelligence in the powers that be


A s boy I used to photograph my self nude but destroyed the film, to embarrassed to send it to labs. As  a lot of people did Its natural

I asked someone to take this picture of me.  Creating guilt and fear For doing something natural  and is quite often based in ignortense and double standards

And the  biggest problem in Society and creates more problems. Than it solves.

Naked Cycle Ride London you can be naked riding through the streets of London then after the event if doing you can be charged for indecency in a public area.


You can be naked on most beaches in Europe but in the UK charged with indecency. Or a public order offence. I have seen Plymouth Ex mayors as well as the Magistrate Solicitor on such beaches naked.?


s Summerfield. Mat as Spiderman


All Boy Magazine was Available in New!s Agents across the UK ,America and Europe. Went on Line


Suixeteen Magazine was a freee magazine distributed across trhe UK in for at Least a year in 2002


Boys UK 1913


The UK. A Country Full of Double Standards full

The British Press. Stur!s  up emotions, And feeds the fantasies of the type of people it rights about then criminalises them


Many  years ago the Sun paper   wrote a headline about the pupils of Eaton Having there swimming lesson naked. The Eaton Vicar stated that he did not know what all the fuss was about as the  looked better in shorts.

The Sxx Paper  showed a front page of young  guy s in shorts allegedly in sex orgies on HMS Brittanie


In the 1970s the Sxx paper used to have 16 year old topless models. Ask Sam Fox it made her name.

As the Sun  highlights a young lad porn life before becoming a nurse. The where the worst paper for Sexploitation

Until the Mid 1980 the UK was the most  prudish in Europe. Until  HIV Came on the scene and UK had to confront male Sexuality. Olny then came Male erections in Video


Jesus was a Hoody Poem. Chris Summerfield

Since the begriming of time. Anyone that challenges those in power are either a loose cannon, Unstable, possibly Schizophrenic. Or at least Made out to be. As Joan of Ark, Jjs001-copyesus, Priness Diana,