The British Press. Stur!s  up emotions, And feeds the fantasies of the type of people it rights about then criminalises them


Many  years ago the Sun paper   wrote a headline about the pupils of Eaton Having there swimming lesson naked. The Eaton Vicar stated that he did not know what all the fuss was about as the  looked better in shorts.

The Sxx Paper  showed a front page of young  guy s in shorts allegedly in sex orgies on HMS Brittanie


In the 1970s the Sxx paper used to have 16 year old topless models. Ask Sam Fox it made her name.

As the Sun  highlights a young lad porn life before becoming a nurse. The where the worst paper for Sexploitation

Until the Mid 1980 the UK was the most  prudish in Europe. Until  HIV Came on the scene and UK had to confront male Sexuality. Olny then came Male erections in Video


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