UK  Trash Press and news. The Week that football coaches were outed as being sexual predators. The last Day highlighted far more UK Police officers. The next day the entire subject disappeared?

Early in  2002 Sixteen paper was delivered across Plymouth Venues as a free paper. Regularly.

All Boy Magazine used to be on  Sale in Plymouth. It was an American Magazine. The Internet formed its end as everything is now on line.

I have been keepi9ng an eye on what goes on in photo and TV Media for many years. And stay within the rules of the time. But its crazy as well as being hypocritical at the moment.

Until three years ago I was taking my photography on Film. I was given my first Digital Nikon by a friend who was dying from Cancer Chris Hollwell Auther He wrote a book on the Cornish Titanic.


Before digital Photography . When photos had to go through labs. There was a form of Censorship. As labs where obliged to inform the Police if anything deemed Risky

That Changed with the instant upload of digital photography and igt could be seen to do so from the start

To be frank any idiot would have realised that. But there is very little intelligence in the powers that be


A s boy I used to photograph my self nude but destroyed the film, to embarrassed to send it to labs. As  a lot of people did Its natural

I asked someone to take this picture of me.  Creating guilt and fear For doing something natural  and is quite often based in ignortense and double standards

And the  biggest problem in Society and creates more problems. Than it solves.

Naked Cycle Ride London you can be naked riding through the streets of London then after the event if doing you can be charged for indecency in a public area.


You can be naked on most beaches in Europe but in the UK charged with indecency. Or a public order offence. I have seen Plymouth Ex mayors as well as the Magistrate Solicitor on such beaches naked.?


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