Boyberry. Bacelona. Pride 2010

Photographers Fashion Icons Suspended by Con De Nast Vogue. Bruce Weber, Mario Testino.

First of all. I am against anyone being taken sexual advantage of against their will, especially in a works environment, for the self-gratifications of another person.
But when it goes on in the political and legal system as mentioned before. It becomes a farce when fashion photographers who have worked with nude models are then suspended for allegedly trying to get of with their models.
Con De Nast Vogue, have suspended Iconic photographers Bruce Weber. CK fame. And Mario Testino, Princess Diana’s Iconic photographer under claims by old models that they where propositioned by them. The way things are going we will have no glamour in Magazines, they are all ready becoming boringly over cautious whilst
Last year an Iconic photographer David Hamilton. Early Playboy photographer took his life in Paris then in his eighties. One of the models then said that she wished that she had not made the allegations.
So whilst you have cover ups in the legal and political system. And public figures are made examples of, at the expense in some cases of their own lives. We should be asking Questions. Not have a double standards in attitude. No one should be taken advantage of by people in a state of power or control unless its mutual, And then as is possible in these cases it has become easy for people with a grudge to make allegations that wreck people’s lives?
Without Bruce Webber, Hamilton, Mario Testino over the last 40 years Magazines and fashion Photography would be very boring in deed. They will possibly become just that and then loose sales.

Trash Press Poem. Chris Summerfield

Life is what you make it,A scandal from petty news, To just sell, evil papers,For twenty four hour news,A lot of it from ignorance,Other person’s views,It takes a sort of monster,That just wants to abuse.They can break down society,From driving people mad, By making them vindictive,Making life so drab,When I read the daily papers,It makes me cross and sad,Full of negativity,Makes our world look bad.Chris Summerfield@