A gentle breeze from the south,
Has brought and early spring,
Colours bursting all around us,
Sweet sent fill the air,
As we break away from our shelters,
That kept us warm from harm,
Waited for this moment,
To free are minds from grime.

Its time to explore the World around us,
With very open eyes,
Breathing in the scents of nature,
The poetry of life.

Everyone is fragile,
From the powers that be.
In a World of control freaks,
We can set our selves free.
At one with nature all is clear, A clarity of mind,
Taking away the stress and fear
Brought from the powers that be.
Stress brought up on us by politics and power.
So sit back and take a look,
There A right bunch a shower.
Dysfunction an chaos is how our world collide.
The poetry of nature keeps our World alive


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