Being young sensitive and Gay and feeling alone at the time I did not have sex until I was 21 and that was with a girl to prove my self in the RAF I had to be a man. I came out as soon as I left the RAF. As a gay man you can sense and see things going on that others miss. Especially when you are not active. Falling in love with people that you work with was to me very hard so it made me quiet. I had no one that I could talk to so had to learn to think things out for my self. This made me stronger turning negatives in to constructive positives. Actions speck louder than words which is why I have a tremendous body of work and have been self financing. My experiences also showed me the other side of what is going on in the world having been in very extreme situations, looking in from the outside. Even when traveling Europe recording Pride I have not had the funds or the time to get involved with people to me its more of a visual thing in any case. Might try a Sauna though to have release and see how different the are in other areas. By being on the outside looking in has possibly kept me alive. Nit drinking most of the time and keeping sober in all areas I gave up smoking when I went Mountain Rescue for 5 years.My high is being healthy and at one with the extreme side of life. Adrenalin and endorphins. Living in Plymouth added to what I all ready thought about double standards of behavior that I learnt whilst in the RAF. But to the hypocritical extreme almost Mafia like in the City. Its a very muddled City which is a shame. With so much valuable exploratory history which is a great example to people and how to live there lives the Councils approach is both cheap and apathetic. Very frustrating in deed


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