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For over 30 years I have been recording in Photography and video. Culture and lifestyle and seeing the differences in all areas of the world and Europe. We are led to believe that we are free but we are not.
What I have learned though is that society in most areas of the world is ahead and more open than the papers, News, Politics and law makes us out to be. At the moment its creating confusion. And in some ways that’s what is wanted by them, it sell news and keeps a form of control based on old fashioned double standards.
We are all human and deviate from each other in one way or another. We are all Hu=man and have the right to get on with our lives free from stress and harassment. It what makes us who we are and its all part of our intellect, . We all very from or genetic back grounds social conditioning, And what we learn in life, to religion, politics etc. We are in new times. any one of us could be right in what we think and do. If it’s done in our own form of rational thinking. Every brain is organic and every loving persons form of reality is different to everyone else s. A for of chaos with a middle ground of stability.
no one has the right of control over anyone else. It’s about life its about being Hu+Man
Fashion. Lifestyle, Art, Life, It’s about being you. Join me on the Tube SummerTime TV International. Trending a Million. Subscribe thanks.

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